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What good things can you have that will increase your happiness?

by BeautyONLYOILY on January 12, 2021

Read the first “Artifact” , no heart on! Yes! Listen to me! Lose! !! !As a person who likes to solve all kinds of problems in life, solving one thing is super-fulfilling.Absolute recommendation of conscience! !
1) silencing particles
poke heart selling point: anti-collision, anti-skid, silencing, universal artifacts!

So cheap! !
How could your house not be used! ! !
Closestool cistern before stick 3, again have collision voice with closestool lid you! That’s it! Fight! Me!

Stick a drawer, close the drawer will no longer “Bang” sound!

That’s what a cabinet door does! !
The underside of the flowerpot is unglazed and rough! For those worried about scratching the furniture, please post 4!

Stick 4 on the keyboard, can prevent back and forth movement. ! You can do the same on your laptop!


Definitely Buy This! !
Front is rubber material, anti-collision, anti-skid, muffler.
The back is 3m back glue, solid does not fall off, off without leaving a trace! ! !